Along with our thriving Metal and Auto Recycling business, Eastside offers many Top Notch commercial services to fit the needs of your company

<-- To the left are some photographs of a bridge demolition we recently completed in Fort Ann, NY

Here are just a few of the many tools & services Eastside has to offer:

  • Demolition and Recycling
  • Trucking and Hauling of any type, from small scale to large
  • A portable "Overbuilt" High-Speed Car Crusher
  • An Armada of Roll-Off Containers in any size to fit your needs
  • A fleet of Modern Roll-Off and Dump Trailer Trucks to transport your metal for you
  • A Genesis Iron Shear that can transfrom metal OF any size, TO any size with the flick of a switch
  • Low Boy Trailers for Transporting of Heavy Equipment
  • A staff of over 23 Employees to take care of you like our own


For more information regarding any of our scrap metal services please contact Anthony Marro at (518) 747-3677 Ext: 303